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Residential Treatment

Turning Point is proud to announce its first Residential Treatment Center. Located in a lovely home in a quiet neighborhood, Turning Point RTC offers a safe, tranquil, comfortable setting in which you can begin your recovery. 

What to Expect 

Getting clean and sober isn’t just about stopping for a while – it’s about changing your life. Changing your mind. Changing your nervous system. Changing your world (and your worldview). And taking on the process in a respectful, safe, compassionate environment with loving support and wise counsel.

Our Program is intensive, experiential and embodied – That means we do stuff! Exercise, healthy eating, fresh air, and lots of intensive group and individual work brings you through transformation of mind, body and spirit.

At Turning Point, we know Recovery Is Possible. We want you to see and experience that recovery is possible *for you* – and that it can be joyful, freeing, healing — and simple.

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Currently we have space for men who are ready to change their story. Accepting commercial insurance, Medicaid and private pay. Talk to us about your options: our network is expanding every day.

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